Sep. 17, 2018

The Long Way Home Malayalam Movie Download

The Long Way Home Malayalam Movie Download ->>> DOWNLOAD

A North- and a South Korean soldier are having a private war in the last days of the Korean war.

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original title: The Long Way Home

genge: Action,Comedy,Drama,War

imdb: 6.7

duration: 1h 52min


















































24th of July in the year 1953, three days left until North and South Korea will sign the truce. Nam-bok is a normal soldier who just wants to go home to his farm. Instead he must bring a secret paper to the Western front but on his way, he is attacked by North Korean forces which causes him to loose the paper. Accidently the secret paper is discovered by Young-gwang, a North Korean soldier and the last remaining survivor of his unit. While Nam-bok is searching for his important papers, he sees Young-gwang stealing them. Now Nam-bok fights like a lion to get the secret paper back. A North- and a South Korean soldier are having a private war in the last days of the Korean war. Are you serious? Was I watching a film that was supposed to be a Korean war drama, and equally started like the one, full of gore, realistic battle scenes and shocking realism of being shot and mutilated. Sigh, nay, it only started like this. Sadly, the exciting story of a secret document lost and stolen and found turns into a well, a very silly generic comedy with childish performances, exaggerated facial expressions, terrible dialog, horrid plot and stupid ideas. I could not believe my eyes. A very decent drama got onto a silly C-rate comedy flick, and then at the end it tried to get serious again, alas, all the potential was lost already. i was surfing the internet and looking for some good movie to pass time,and then i came across this one, seriously i wont regret watching it ...very nice movie ,good acting and also very well shot movie but i must mention here this movie took the concept of the Bollywood movie (Kya Dilli Kya Lahore 2014) which is about same 2 soldier story and their struggle,of course one is from Pakistan and other one is from India.....well nice movie tho.


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