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My baby was very hungry in the early days and wasn't lasting as long as this book suggested she should between feeds - I then felt like my milk wasn't good enough, the book does say to feed the baby if they are screaming for food in between and suggests a plan for increasing milk supply but I then felt like i was just feeding and expressingSecrets of the Baby WhispererBest attitude, mostly good adviceThe routines seem so complicatedMay 11, 2017 Nomi Balsi rated it it was ok Shelves: on-shelf, non-fiction, book-regrets-and-eyerollers, pregnancy-and-child-care, reads-of-2017 This book has read like an unwanted advice - like the ones you get from people who comes with general wisdoms, because (a) they were one of the rare lucky ones and had it easy, or (b) have no clue about realityEspecially since a baby who wants to nurse longer than her time allots for throws off the rest of the scheduleMost of the parts cut out will no doubt include the billion times she references how she worked with over 300 babies in her career and has so much experienceBest Answer: I can't promise youll find what you like but you might like what you find! Free e-booksOct 17, 2011 TyLean Polley rated it it was ok I was given this book by my sister-in-law and told to read it with a grain of saltJul 03, 2010 Yvonne rated it it was amazing Shelves: my2010reads this book saved my existence as a descent human being


flag 1 likeLike see review Now, who this book IS for: If you have decided you want to learn about schedules/routines for your baby and want specifics, youll definitely find that info in here.more flag 1 likeLike see review there isn't a single shred of routine in his life! He sleeps when he's tiredI like her suggestions for keeping somewhat on track when the baby is sick or growing through a grow spurt and how to get back on trackFast downloadNov 22, 2015 Mikaela Robertson rated it it was ok Shelves: pregnancy-parenting I read this book while I was five months pregnant, and while I did learn a few things from the book, Im telling all my friends to stay as far away from it as possible at least while theyre pregnant! Books like this have a few life stages the read it to get an idea of whats ahead stage, the read it closer to the date to make plans stage, and the read it when everything is real and youre looking for practical help/reference stage


That last point has made a HUGE difference for me since knowing how much the baby has eaten takes the guess work out of middle of the night wakings (i.eDefinitely read the book instead of just googling how to do itWe co-slept for a little while.more flag 2 likesLike see review The Contented Baby Source(s): yarbro 6 months ago 0 Thumbs up 0 Thumbs down Report Abuse Comment Add a comment Submit just now My daughter first laughed at the routines set out by Gina Ford, but after weeks of evening crying and a very discontented baby she turned to the book in desperation and followed the advice, adapting the routines just a little to suit her lifestyleIf you have even the faintest interest in attachment parenting, you should run away screaming, but personally, I found this book useful and wished that I had read it before giving birth.Ironically I started out doing demand feeding (and therefore demand sleeping, napping, and the whole shebang) and found it frustrating and exhaustingDon't really get the nazi nanny accusationsperhaps this process has worked for her, but I can say with strong certainty that for almost all parents, this exact scheduling advice is not helpful in any way


I also developed a great deal of skepticism upon reading that Gina Ford does not have children of her ownIf you compromise your baby's routine, you're damned and doomedHe always took regular naps and slept through the night from 14 weeks, so I didn't feel like what I was doing was in any way "wrong" (if any new mother's instincts can be described as so)Trying to fit them all into one little box is ridiculousThe Complete Sleep Guide For Contented Babies & Toddlers Gina Ford Ebury Digital, March 2012 ISBN: 9780091912673 Format: ePub List Price: $16.91 Our price: $13.99 But I had a very hungry baby who breastfed on demand and it was clear from early on that Gina's Ford's techniques were not going to work for usI picked up a few tips, but the idea of scheduling your child's life down to 15-30 minute increments every day is so unrealistic its laughablesince this maternal instinct has not completely 'kicked in' i needed some helpThis definitely helped me get some much needed sleep early onTherefore, she thinks ALL children will develop problems if they don't follow her routine 856daf6e11

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